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Whether you are a small firm or a large corporation, SavyTel Telephony solutions allows you to take advantage of tremendous savings on your long distance calls.

SavyTel provides a complete turnkey solution, including all hardware, software, consultation and integration services. We will recommend solutions that best fit your network and communications system.

Corporate offices can easily communicate with branch offices all over the world regardless of their size and number of employees. SavyTel offers a wide range of hardware products that will fit any need.

At SavyTel we have adopted the SIP technology that will allow us to provide Digital Voice quality.

So call today to inquire more about our services. Our initial consultation is FREE and without any obligation.

IP PBX Overview

A private branch exchange (PBX) is the foundation of the business telephony system, enabling employees to communicate productively with those inside and outside the enterprise. An IP PBX is based on IP telephony (IPT), which uses standard packet-switch protocols to carry voice traffic across a data network. IPT brings together a set of convergence technologies that lets PBX vendors combine voice with web, video, and email, and integrate this multimedia platform with business productivity applications. Through IPT, enterprises can achieve a unified collaborative communications network connecting a geographically dispersed community, irrespective of locality and mobility.

IPT uses open standards such as Voice over IP (VoIP) for transporting voice packets and session initialization protocol (SIP) for advanced multimedia call control. To coexist with installed circuit-switched PBX protocols, vendors provide support for legacy devices as part of their IP PBX solutions. Gateway translations, either internal or external to the PBX switch, provide connectivity to the carrier PSTN network.