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The SavyTel SoftFone is a breakthrough software developed by SavyTel's design team. The SavyTel SoftFone software plus any computer headset turns your computer into a phone.

Just download the SoftFone from our website and you are ready to make calls to anywhere in the world.

It is an excellent personal tool to save on long distance calls.

PC To Phone for Business
Businesses are turning to this solution to control and save on their long distance communications. Sales staff that are on the road can use the SavySoft Dialer to make calls from their hotel rooms or remote locations to remain in contact with their home offices.

SavyTel's latest dialer features advance technology and friendly user interface to make your calling experience simpler and more enjoyable.

    SavySoft Features

    Easy-to-use software
    Super low rates on international call
    Online call and billing history
    Unlimited FREE calls to other Savytel subscribers
    Free voicemail
    100% Satisfaction -- we guarantee it

    How it Works

    Download our FREE SavySoft Dialer software
    Register your details
    Purchase call time
    Make your call

The SavySoft Dialer is a breakthrough software developed by Savytel's design team.
The SavySoft Dialer software plus any computer headset turns your computer into a phone.

Follow the instruction below to download SavySoft software and start saving today.

   1. Click Download Now and install SavySoft Software onto your PC.
   2. Login to SavySoft with your UserID and PIN.

 System Requirements
  516 k
  Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  PC486DX with 32MB RAM
  256-color display adaptor
  10 MB of free disk space
  Speakers and a microphone (external or internal). We strongly recommend use of a headset.
  56k dialup connection and or higher.
FREE Download

If you want to get access to those incredibly cheap toll rates to make international calls at wholesale rates to any conventional or mobile phone in the world then sign up now and become a SavyTel subscriber.

Wherever you are in the world your SavyTel SoftFone is always available to you just as if you were back on your computer at home or work. As long as you have access to an internet connection you can make and receive calls using your SavyTel SoftFone.

You can either use the SoftFone already loaded on your laptop or just go to another computer or an internet café and download a SavyTel SoftFone from our website. Enter your SavyTel account number and password and start making calls..

First you will need a computer with an internet connection. Your computer should have a Pentium 3 processor or higher with Windows 98, ME, Win 2000, or XP operating system.

You will also need to buy a computer headset with microphone from your local computer store (they are surprisingly cheap), if you don't already have one. Just plug in your headset and start calling.

Alternatively you can even use a USB Phone which plugs directly into your computer.

For maximum convenience you can buy a USB Adaptor which allows you to connect your conventional or cordless phone.

Digital Voice Quality comes with the SavyTel SoftFone, using the latest SIP technology!

Low Cost International Calls come with the SavyTel SoftFone. You can also make low cost calls to any conventional or mobile phone anywhere in the world, with SavyTel's heavily discounted International Toll Rates.