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Broadband is high-speed Internet access such as through a Cable or DSL modem. Broadband is the method of sending and receiving data over high speed networks. It is most commonly associated with a far faster way of connecting your computer to the internet than is possible through a conventional dial up method, which uses standard telephone networks.

Broadband connections that use cable or DSL means there is a greater capacity to send data then standard telephone networks. This means that you can receive far more information to your computer in the same period of time than a conventional dial up connection - allowing you to view webpages quicker, download files faster and send and receive emails without the wait.

Note, You will need a broadband connection to use Savytel because we insist on consistent/reliable high quality audio for all your calls.

You must have a high-speed Internet connection (office LAN, DSL or Cable) to enjoy Broadband Telephony. During the sign-up, select the device appropriate to your needs. If you have a fixed/ wired router, select the Linksys PAP2 ATA.

If you have a wireless router or want to use our service with public hotspots, select the WI-FI phone. Finally, if you wish your (internet-enabled) laptop to work as your phone, select SavySoft dialer and enjoy the latest technology in telecommunications.

Installation is very easy. All the materials required for installation are provided in the package. Just follow the simple steps in the user guide and you will be able to enjoy Broadband Telephony within minutes. With Broadband Telephony, your phone will also travel with you. Whenever you leave on a trip, take your adapter with you and plug it to any Internet connection. Your phone service will work as if you are back home.

Turns your internet connection into a Phone

With the increase in DSL and Cable broadband Internet access, broadband phone service is becoming more and more popular in homes and businesses.

Advancements in technology have improved the voice quality to the point where people will not be able to differentiate between a call made over the internet from a call made over the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Voice over internet ( VoIP) used to be associated with chopped speech and echoed voices which now is a thing of the past.

SavyTel will pre-configure the hardware equipment of your choice from the list of products being sold via our online store before we ship it. Installation can be done usually in just a few minutes.
Pick up your phone, listen for the dial tone and dial the telephone number as you normally would and as it connects you can speak normally. No extra numbers to dial, no PIN or account number and no other procedures to follow. It is that easy.


Digital Voice Quality

SavyTel adopts the Session Initiation Protocol SIP technology! And therefore we can deliver digital voice quality.

Surf n' Talk
You don't have to get off the Internet to make a phone call. You can make phone calls while surfing the web. You can do both at the same time. Your broadband has sufficient capacity to handle both simultaneously.

SavyTel broadband is portable
By using a SIP adapter you will be able to connect to the SavyTel network from wherever you are in the world. SavyTel will be always available to you as if you were back at home or work. As long as you have access to an internet connection you can make and receive calls.

Low Cost International Calls
With the SavyTel broadband, you can make low cost calls to any conventional or mobile phone anywhere in the world at heavily discounted International Toll Rates.